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Client Experience

When you choose us as your design build contractor, your experience is our focus every step of the way. For many homeowners, their home remodel is one of the most significant purchases they will ever make. As a design build contractor, our step-by-step process allows us to maximize the quality of your completed project and minimize disruption to your daily life. It is our pleasure to ensure each remodel runs efficiently: both within the desired schedule and budget.

In short, for us, this is a relational business. When you hire us, it means a lot to us. You are trusting us with one of your most important possessions, your home, and we want to honor that trust with professionalism, integrity, and quality work. That means honoring your vision for your space with our consulting design, and not imposing a design on you. It means our project manager communicating with you daily regarding your project’s progress and answering your questions, fixing our mistakes, and not surprising you with costs. And of course, it means providing quality workmanship, so you aren’t dealing with issues down the road. Ultimately, it means treating you and your home with dignity and care.

Whole Home Remodels


Kitchen Remodels



Through our in-house consulting design, we guide you through all of the decisions you need to make when it comes to your renovation. Essentially, we are as involved as you need us to be! By identifying color under-tones, we are able to help you choose your materials and paint colors that achieve the final space you are envisioning. We use 3D renders for spatial planning and cabinetry function.

Our first goal in design is to create a space that reflects YOU and your own individual style. Secondly, when making design decisions, we are always looking at materials that work cohesively with the surrounding spaces not being renovated. We want you to love your final space, and if your new beautiful kitchen makes your existing living room look out of place, you may not love it as much. Lastly, we do try to guide our clients toward a finished space that feels timeless, and avoids overdoing current trends. This is because we want you to still love your space 5 and 10 years down the road, and if it looks dated, you may not!

Choosing a design build contractor who spends adequate time planning and designing a project prior to construction is absolutely crucial. It not only achieves your desired final result, but ensures a smooth remodel experience.

How we set ourselves apart

We set ourselves apart with in-house carpentry. Our employees complete the demo, framing, trim, and other on-site tasks. Many design build contractors use subcontractors for all of their trades, but controlling the carpentry gives us a big advantage. Our field carpenters can be called to a job site to adjust a minor framing detail before drywall, tack in a piece of trim before paint, hang hardware, or other small tasks that keep our projects running efficiently. On the contrary, if we only used subcontractors, we would have to wait for an opening in their schedule, delaying the project.

Additionally, we have our own custom cabinet shop, where we build the cabinets for all of our renovations. This allows us to have a great deal of control of the layout of our space, especially your kitchen. Customizing storage is a huge benefit in a kitchen, allow you to create cabinets an exact size to fit a certain appliance, add a custom pull-out, customize lighting, and many other features. By completing the cabinetry in house, we have the ability to make slight adjustments that have a big impact on the overall function of your kitchen.

Lastly, we have a low up front financial commitment. Other design build contractors may want to charge you for even the first meeting, or ask for a construction down payment before design has begun. While these contractors may still be quality builders, they are asking you to make a big financial commitment before you know what you’re getting. On the other hand, we only require a project development retainer fee to be paid to compensate us for design time. After that is used, we bill design time by the hour. This means you are only paying for the work we’ve done, and we will only ask for the big financial commitment after most of the design is complete.

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