Buck Hogue, a former middle school teacher, realized his love for carpentry and construction while on a phone call with his sister. Jill Hogue, a middle school teacher herself, was offering Buck advice on classroom management strategies. She named a book that she believed would be very helpful for Buck to read.  It turns out, he already owned the book, and had yet to crack it open. As she’s talking, he sees his feet proped up on a coffee table that he built in his spare time, next to a book about house framing. He realized in that moment that while he loved working with kids, he did not desire to learn how to be a good teacher. What he was passionate about was learning about construction and woodworking. Read the full story here.

We are a “client experience” focused company. While our attention to detail and experienced craftsmanship provide our clients with high quality finished products, we equally focus on the individual client experience: our customer service, client communication, detailed estimates, efficient scheduling, cleanliness, and integrity.

We specialize in kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, open concepts, garage conversions, and other residential remodels. We have a workshop here in Bryan where Buck, or a member of our team, builds our custom cabinetry, closet systems, and other built-ins. We can help you come up with the complete vision for your remodel or carpentry project, or execute one you already have.

We are an Aggie-owned, local, family run business. We love living and serving in Bryan / College Station, making each home more unique, functional, valuable, and beautiful. We would love to have the privilege of improving your home.

Our Team:

Buck Hogue: Owner / General Contractor

Renee Hogue: Owner / Office Administrator

Daniel Meadows: Project Manager

Chester Berg: Lead Carpenter