Our Design Build Remodel Process

A brief step-by-step guide of our design build process: from the moment you reach out, to your beautifully completed renovation.

Remodeling has a lot of moving parts: from jobsite maintenance, budgeting, scheduling, and of course the many decisions you have to make to bring your vision to reality. We know that navigating this process can be confusing and stressful, which is why we are passionate about providing value to our clients every step of the way. Whether it’s during our initial phone conversation, design & development, or completing your home renovation, our goal is to be a valuable resource throughout the entire remodel process.

To understand what to expect when reaching out to us for a renovation, refer to the timeline below for a step-by-step guide. You can also read more details about our design services by clicking here, and answers to your questions at our FAQ’s page.

  • Initial Contact & Questionnaire

    typically within 24 hours after a client’s initial inquiry

    After you contact us, Buck will reach out to you via phone within about 24 business hours. During this phone call, he’ll gather information about your project, desired timeline, and will tell you more about our company. At the end of this phone call, you will be emailed some documents, one of which is our Project Questionnaire. We require this Project Questionnaire to be filled out prior to your free consultation. You will also be asked to send photos of your existing space and any inspiration photos you may have. The information within the questionnaire, as well as the photos, are very helpful for Buck to come well prepared to your free consultation.

  • The Free Consultation

    Usually takes about 1.5 – 2 hours, but can vary depending on project size  |  No Cost

    At the initial meeting, Buck will take a deep dive into your vision for your home and assess the space. He will talk you through different options, tell you more about our business, and typically provide you with a ballpark range of cost. If you are comfortable with this price point and feel that we are the best company to trust with your project, we will enter into our remodel process through a Professional Services Agreement. This allows you to get our full attention during the planning phase of your project, which is critical to having a smooth remodel.


    The Free Consultation

  • The Professional Services Agreement

    Typically signed soon after the Initial Meeting  |   Requires retainer fee

    Through signing a Professional Services Agreement (PSA), you are allowing us the necessary time to put together a detailed scope of work that assures you a quality, completed project at a guaranteed price. The PSA does not require you to enter a final construction agreement with us and you own the results of the design work covered by the PSA. Should you decide to sign a final construction agreement, the retainer and any other billable hour charges will be credited toward the first draw of the construction payment plan.

    Learn more about the PSA

  • The Project Development Plan

    Typically received within 5 business days of signing a PSA

    After a PSA is signed, we will create a Project Development Plan. This simple document highlights key steps throughout our Project Development Phase. Steps such as: creating 3D renderings, selecting a preferred layout, making material selections, meeting subcontractors on-site, and refining the scope of work to a fixed bid proposal. It will consist of due dates, as well as windows of time to complete tasks. The execution plan holds all of us accountable to use your project development time most efficiently.


    The Project Development Plan

  • Project Design and Development

    Small or medium projects: 4 – 8 weeks
    Large projects: 8 – 12+ weeks

    Now comes the fun part: designing & planning your project! This step includes so many important elements, we created an entire page on our website for it.

    During this phase, we will create layout options & 3D renders and walk you through selecting materials with our in-house consulting design services. We will also develop your cabinetry design and create a Scope of Work / Design Package. We will meet with some of our subcontractors on site to get their expert opinion on your project and collect cost proposals from each of them. This allows you to know the price of your project before the first hammer is swung. Without weeks of design time, your remodel will be full of issues, delays, and unforeseen expenses.

    You can read more details about how we help our clients make selections through our consulting design services here.

  • Price Proposal & Final Contract

    Presented at completion of the Project Development phase

    Capping off the design phase of the remodel process is the submission of your final contract. This includes the combination of the final Scope of Work / Design Package and your fixed Cost Proposal. In most cases, we will also have a good idea of our construction timeline at this point. After a down payment is submitted, we place your project on our construction schedule and begin ordering materials.


    Price Proposal & Final Contract

  • The Construction Phase

    Small to medium projects: 3 – 8 weeks
    Large projects: 2 – 4+ months

    During the construction phase, our project manager will be present throughout every step of the remodel. He will coordinate all subcontractors and meet them on site, communicate with you daily, and problem solve when unexpected problems arise. You will have his direct phone number for any questions that may arise. He will also handle all change orders should they be necessary, or should you simply change your mind about something. Our lead carpenters will also be on site regularly, as they complete the demo, cabinetry, trim work, and assist our project manager with on site supervision.

  • Project Completion: Final Clean & Punch List

    Typically the final 1 – 3 days of a project

    Cleanliness is a BIG deal for us, not only at the completion of a project but throughout the course of the remodel. We have an air scrubber on-site during demolition, protect all surfaces from construction dust and debris, and clean up at the end of every workday. Likewise, before a project is completed, we thoroughly clean your space. You will also put together a “punch list,” a list of all the minor things you want us to address before your project is finished. We will check off every item before collecting the final payment.


    Project Completion: Final Clean & Punch List

  • Final Photos and End of Project Survey

    Typically within 2 – 4 weeks after project completion

    For many projects, we request a time to bring our photographer on site for final, professional photos. High quality images of our projects play a huge role in our marketing, and we are always so grateful for our clients allowing us the time to get them. At this meeting, or at a separate time, we also complete an End of Project Survey: we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients.

  • Enjoy your new space!


    Enjoy your new space!