Our Remodel Process

Home remodeling has a lot of moving parts and we know it can be confusing and stressful. We are passionate about providing you with a true service: having a contractor who you can trust, who can turn your vision into reality, and who truly understands the importance of your home. Ongoing communication throughout our remodel process, from initial meeting to project completion, is key to minimizing disruption to your daily life. Read on for an understanding of how our client-focused process will best serve you. You can also find answers to your questions at our FAQ’s page.

  • Step 1: The Initial Meeting

    Usually takes about 1.5 – 2 hours, but can vary depending on project size  |  No Cost

    At the initial meeting, Buck will take a deep dive into your vision for your home and assess the space. He will talk you through different options, tell you more about our business, and typically provide you with a ballpark range of cost. If you are comfortable with this price point and feel that we are the best company to trust with your project, we will enter into our remodel process through a Professional Services Agreement. This allows you to get our full attention during the planning phase of your project, which is critical to having a smooth remodel.

  • Step 2: The Professional Services Agreement (PSA)

    Typically signed soon after the Initial Meeting

    Through signing a Professional Services Agreement (PSA), you are allowing us the necessary time to put together a detailed scope of work that assures you a quality, completed project at a guaranteed price. The PSA does not obligate you to enter a final contract with us and you own the results of the design work completed.

    Learn more about our PSA

  • Step 3: The Project Development Plan

    Typically received within 5 business days of signing a PSA

    After a PSA is signed, we will create a Project Development Plan. This simple document highlights key steps throughout our Project Development Phase. Steps such as: creating 3D renderings, selecting a preferred layout, making material selections, meeting subcontractors on-site, and refining the scope of work to a fixed bid contract. The execution plan holds all of us accountable to most efficiently use your project development time.

  • Step 4: Project Development

    Small projects: 4 – 5 weeks
    Medium projects: 6 – 9 weeks
    Large projects: 9 – 14 weeks

    Now comes the fun part: designing & planning your project!

    First, we will create a few designs or layout options for you to choose from using our 3D rendering software. For clients who need design help, we are happy to meet with a designer on location. For others, we will email you a few layout options, receive your comments, and spend as much time as you need to finalize the basic layout of your space.

    During this phase, we are creating your Scope of Work / Design Package. This is a living document detailing every element of your remodel. When finalized, and combined with your fixed Price Proposal, it becomes your final contract.

    To complete your Scope of Work / Design Package, we will walk you through selecting materials and finalizing the cabinetry design. We will need to meet with some of our subcontractors on-site to get their expert opinion on your project and collect cost estimates from each of them. This allows you to know the true price of your project before the first hammer is swung.

  • Step 5: The Price Proposal & Final Contract

    Presented at completion of the Project Development phase

    After all decisions are made, we will present you with your final Scope of Work / Design Package. We will also put all costs into one clear Price Proposal, along with an approximate timeline and payment schedule. These documents are your final contract and provide all information needed for the Construction Phase. Once a down payment has been made, your construction begins.

  • Step 6: The Construction Phase

    Small to medium projects: 3 – 6 weeks
    Large projects: 6 – 12+ weeks

    Finally, we’ve reached the construction phase. Our project manager, David, will be present throughout every step of the remodel. He will coordinate all subcontractors and meet them on site, communicate with you regularly, answer questions, and problem solve when unexpected problems arise. He will also handle all change orders should they be necessary, or should you simply change your mind about something. You will often see our lead carpenter, Chester, as he does much of our demo, cabinetry, and trim.

  • Step 7: Project Completion

    Typically the final 1 – 3 days of a project

    Cleanliness is a BIG deal for us, not only at the completion of a project but throughout the course of the remodel. We have an air scrubber on-site during demolition, protect all surfaces from construction dust and debris, and clean up at the end of every workday. Likewise, before a project is completed, we thoroughly clean your space. You will also put together a “punch list,” a list of all the minor things you want us to address before your project is finished. We will check off every item before collecting the final payment.