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    Improper waterproofing is one of the biggest mistakes in a bathroom remodel. Our commitment to quality work and customer service mean that your bathroom is not only beautiful on the outside, but is pristine on the inside as well!

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Bathroom Remodels

Bryan / College Station, TX

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Buck the Builder is a client-focused general contractor for all types of home remodels, including partial and full bathroom remodels. First and foremost, we focus our energy on the well-being of our clients throughout the course of their projects. This not only means high-quality construction and professional craftsmen but our well developed processes that bring us to the completed space.

Our processes allow us to develop a cohesive design tailored to our client’s desires. To do this, we spend the necessary time in proper project planning, budgeting, scheduling, and providing our clients with a fixed bid price for their project, before any construction begins.

We love listening to our client’s functional needs, style preferences, and expectations for the remodel process and providing them with an excellent remodeling experience.

Bathroom Remodel Specifics


As a standard practice, we use the Schluter-Kerdi Waterproofing Membrane material by Schluter Systems in all wet areas.  Schluter®-KERDI is a pliable sheet-applied waterproofing membrane and vapor-retarder designed for the direct application of tile. KERDI is ideal for use in tiled showers, bathtub surrounds, residential steam showers, and other tile applications in wet areas.

Our choice to use this product stems primarily from the type of soil prevalent within the Brazos county area and the effects that can have on a home’s tendency to shift. Brazos valley soils have clayey textures and high shrink-swell properties. Therefore, it is not uncommon for homes within our area to slightly shift depending on the season and how much rain we have incurred or lack thereof, causing small cracks in the tile.  For this reason, it is even more important to fit your wet areas with a waterproofing system to ensure water penetration from the shower or tub cannot make its way into your walls but instead is stopped in between the tile and waterproofing membrane.


We use industry-standard preventative measures such as thick plastic sheeting, drop clothes, cardboard runners, furniture covers, etc.  Our goal is to contain the dust and dirt to the construction area as best as possible.

In addition, we believe the air quality is just as important. We use a AS-550 HEPA Commercial Air Scrubber to filter demolition debris from the air. This is not standard practice for many contractors, but we are passionate about doing everything we can to keep our client’s homes safe.

Likewise, we bring a dumpster or truck and take all materials with us at the completion of the demolition. We only leave a dumpster onsite for the time needed.

Insurance Claims

We will gladly work with insurance companies to restore what was damaged. Typically, our role as the general contractor begins after remediation has occurred. Each insurance company has its own process for receiving contractor bids and providing payments. After speaking with your agent and learning their processes, contact us, and we can walk you through the next steps.

Many insurance agencies will require contractors to be licensed. However, many do not understand that there is no license for a general contractor in the state of Texas. To be considered “licensed,” a Texan contractor must use a licensed plumber, electrician, and HVAC specialist. They are also required to file all necessary remodeling permits with the city. We fulfill all of these requirements and can consider ourselves “licensed” for insurance purposes.