• Design Services for Home Remodels

    It is crucial to have a clear design vision for your remodel, from the layout to the material choices, before coming to a final contract and beginning construction. Through our partnership with Cultivate Your Space, we provide an array of design services for all of our remodel clients.

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Design Services

We never enter into the construction phase of a remodel without first coming to a firm project cost. We cannot come up with this cost without having an exact layout and materials chosen. And we cannot make good layout and material choices without a well-defined design of the space. This is why we emphasize the importance of properly planning and designing of your remodel: it has a huge impact on the final product!

We’re happy to work with your designer of choice. However, we also offer our own design options through the partnership we’ve built with Michelle Dew of Cultivate Your Space. Whether your project is a whole home remodel or focused on a single room (e.g. Kitchen/Bath), our partnership with Michelle is instrumental in making sure we are moving forward with a clear understanding of your vision.

The Initial Consultation

After deciding to move into the project planning phase with us, you will have an initial meeting with your project manager and design consultant, Michelle. This meeting usually lasts about two hours, concluding with a good grasp of your design vision. We’ll learn how you want the space to function, your ideal layout, and preferred style and material choices. Michelle will walk you through design options, and your project manager will answer questions regarding construction possibilities and budget.

The Vision Board

After your consultation, Michelle will put together a vision board. It will contain pictures of suggested material choices, colors, textures, and brief descriptions of these items to guide you during selection time. For example, your board may contain photos of white cabinets, light wood floors, brass hardware, etc. It won’t be exact products: just guidelines. A rough sketch of the layout will also be provided, and reviewed by your project manager.

From here on out, your project manager will answer any design questions. However, you do have the option of hiring Michelle for more in-depth design services throughout the project planning and / or final decorating phases.

Additional Design Services

Level 1

Michelle can create a small pool of material selections from our designated flooring, countertop, and tile suppliers. She can also provide you with a small group of paint colors, fixtures and other finishes to choose from. This helps limit your time spent shopping and the number of choices available, which can be overwhelming.

Level 2

For even more hands-on design help, Michelle can go shopping with you to each supplier. She will help you through the decisions of choosing flooring, counters, back splash, light fixtures, faucets, hardware, paint, and any other materials that go into the construction of your remodel.

Level 3

In addition to helping you choose the materials used in your remodel, she can also assist in decor and furniture choices. She can help you arrange items in both the space we’ve remodeled, as well as other areas of your home.

We hope our clients see the value we bring by spending the necessary time designing and planning a project before construction begins. The result is a space with a cohesive design and one that truly reflects the individuality of each client.