Buck the Builder serves as a general contractor for small and large remodels. Buck and our project managers are all carpenters. We build all of our custom cabinetry in house and complete much of the other carpentry work ourselves. We pay attention to every detail of the process, making sure each step is completed to a high standard. We can help you come up with a design for your space, or execute a vision you already have.

As a general contractor, we will manage the complete remodel. We will start with an initial assessment, in which we will discuss your desires for your space, assess possible renovations based on your budget and the space itself, and come up with a design. We will then agree on an estimated cost for the entire renovation and a contingency budget for any unforeseen needs. We will then coordinate each stage of the project, so that your space is under construction for as little time as possible. We will communicate with our own team and between any necessary subcontractors to ensure that the renovation runs smoothly.

Buck, or one of our experience project managers, will be on site regularly to double check quality of work throughout each phase and to address any unforeseen problems. We are here to make sure your project runs as smooth as possible, on time, and on budget!

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