Frequently Asked Questions

A: YES! We value the trust you have placed in us when you choose us to remodel your home. We work with professionals who do everything within their power to minimize risk to themselves and your home. However, accidents happen, and we are prepared to respond to the unforeseeable. We carry a $1 million liability policy for all of our projects.

A: No, we provide a preliminary range of cost estimate free of charge. When you sign a Professional Services Agreement with us and pay a retainer fee, you receive our commitment of time and resources to begin the project development phase. During this phase, we develop a Scope of Work/Design Package and deliver a fixed bid contract for your review. Adequate project planning leads to satisfied customers, less unnecessary surprises and a high-quality finished product. We dedicate time to planning because we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

A: A contract detailing scope of work and price (with contingency budget) for that work. This contract will be presented to you after the completion of the Project Development Phase of our process.

A: Yes, absolutely! We realize that our clients change their minds and are happy to accommodate that. Additionally in any remodel, or even new builds, surprises can be found. Our goal is simple: limit surprises and changes as much as possible by making sure we put in the work during the project development period. All of our clients receive a detailed bid which includes a contingency budget to cover unforeseen circumstances. This contingency money is purposefully set aside to help our clients stay on budget should it be needed. If we don’t need it, great! YOU will have some extra money in your pocket or a starter budget for your next remodel!

A: Integrated Project Development/Design is the process by which we walk our clients through the choices involved in bringing their project to life. What does that mean for you? It means that we will present layout and design options to you, finalize material selections during the PSA term, get accurate bids from our subs, and take every step necessary to make this process comfortable for you. It means that we are not going to ask you to make a significant financial decision without thoroughly knowing what you’re getting from us.

A: A competitive bid contractor is usually only focused on one thing; getting a signed contract and the deposit that goes with it.  The problem most consumers don’t see is that competitive bid contractors rarely put the necessary time into the details.  Their contracts are usually populated with allowance after allowance, include no project design element, and rarely reflect the specifics you desire. Furthermore, these types of bids are no more accurate than the preliminary range of cost you will be given in our initial meeting. Buck the Builder’s number one priority is NOT to get you to sign a contract because we presented the lowest range price. Our focus is to earn your business through our attention to your needs and expectations.

A: Allowances are an estimated cost for any given item in a remodel. For example, you are told by another contractor you have an allowance of $3 per square foot for floor tile. When it comes time to pick a floor tile, your tile options are limited to those that cost $3 per square foot (or less). At this point, you either settle for something you aren’t happy with or pick something more expensive increasing the overall cost of your project. Some competitive bid contractor use allowances to their advantage to make their final contract appear low. In reality, you will end up disappointed when those numbers don’t include the materials you have in mind.

A: We have no problem with allowances. In fact, in certain cases, allowances can be beneficial for arriving at a final contract in a timely
manner. However, allowances are usually only necessary for very large projects such as new construction or whole home remodels. Our issue lies with how some contractors use low allowances to get their competitive bid signed and deposit paid by the client. Once they have your initial commitment, they know that money will be made up on the numerous upgrades and changes orders to come.

A: A sub-contractor is a skilled professional who specializes in his or her field. While Buck the Builder will build your cabinets and perform most of the carpentry on our jobs, we hire highly experienced sub-contractors to perform the parts of your remodel we are not experts in. From drywall and paint to plumbing and electrical, your home will be in highly experienced hands from start to finish.

A: Some clients experience sticker shock when receiving remodeling bids. Price per square foot figures given for new builds are achieved by high production volume, a lack of customization, and sometimes compromise on quality of materials and finishes. Unlike most new construction, no two remodels are alike, and that comes with more design time, construction time, and therefore, cost.

With Buck the Builder, every facet of your remodel from the process, to our choice of subcontractors, to the cabinet construction is marked by a commitment to quality. As the saying goes, “quality isn’t expensive, its priceless.” Paying for high-quality work is a hard pill to swallow, but the peace of mind is well worth it when you are making changes to your home.

A: Buck the Builder has  proudly served the Brazos Valley since the summer of 2013. During that time we have completed dozens of bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels and various other projects for our clients. Our team has a combined 20+ years of experience in project management and carpentry.  I am also a firm believer in the old adage, “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” Thus, we work with a small team of expert sub-contractors who have decades of experience in their trade and are dedicated to keeping their skills sharp to ensure your satisfaction.

A: Because our process prioritizes customer experience, we spend more time up front creating a clear plan, clear timeline, and clear costs for you as the client. Most project development takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on the size of the project. Our process ensures that once we begin construction, we are more likely to stay on schedule, limit the long-term inconvenience to our clients and ultimately arrive at a finished remodel that you will be proud of for years to come.

A: Most projects require materials and tools to be stored on site at some point. However, we understand the need to keep your children and pets safe from their own curiosity. We also want those tools and materials to have a minimal interference in your daily. We will work out a plan for tool and material storage that you feel comfortable with during the project development phase.

A: We use temporary walls and an air scrubber to prevent dust and other airborne particles from circulating in your home. We apply heavy duty contractor board to your floors to prevent scratches and wear and tear from foot traffic. Furniture and fixtures that cannot be removed during the remodel will be covered as well.  We also clean the job site daily, as well as a doing a more thorough clean at the completion of the remodel.