Custom Built-In Library

College Station, TX

Our client, Jeanne, is an education professor at Texas A&M, and needed a storage solution for all of her books. She contacted us to turn her dining room into a library. We installed custom mahogany bookshelves on the empty walls of her dining room and a custom-built bench was installed beneath the windows.  We love the classic and ornate look of these shelves in this traditional dining space.

Small pocket lights were installed above each set of shelves.

Detailed trim gives these shelves a traditional feel.

Here is a view of some of the detailed woodwork along the side of the shelves and the custom fit bench beneath the windows. The bench ties into both sets of shelves to make it one fluid piece, and provides additional storage in the space below.

Our lead carpenter, David, did a beautiful job completing Jeanne’s vision for her dining room. We added character and value to her home, and gave Jeanne a functional space for her to continue growing her literature collection.