Alumawood Pergola

College Station, TX

This Alumawood pergola was completed last month, just in time for summer. Alumawood is an aluminum product made to look like wood. It lasts decades longer than wood, does not require any staining, painting, sealing, or any maintenance at all once it is installed. It is weather and insect resistant. While the initial cost is more expensive than wood, it makes up for the difference in the lack of maintenance costs, repairs, or even having to replace it over time. Read more about our pergolas and find more pictures at the bottom of the page here.


Ed & Jan were unable to use their back patio in the afternoons without roasting in the sun. They requested this pergola to provide them with some shade on the back part of their patio so they could enjoy it all through the afternoon. They chose a white that perfectly matches the exterior trim on their house, and went with the Santa Fe trim package to give it a decorative look.



They plan to add retractable sun shades to their pergola to keep their patio even cooler in the afternoons.

Last week we returned to the home of one of our previous clients who had us install some wainscoting and custom built-ins in their home. Last summer we built a large, free-standing, Alumawood pergola for them, and now they had it fully landscaped, so we took some more pictures. Beautiful, isn’t it? The stonework we added to the base of their pillars looks stunning with their outdoor fireplace. They have created quite the retreat in their back yard!