Composite Deck Veranda

Historic District

Bryan, TX

We were fortunate enough to get to work on this gorgeous historic home near downtown Bryan. The homeowners have done an excellent job restoring this home while trying to save as much of the original materials as possible. They hired us to restore their veranda which wrapped around almost half of the house. We had to replace a lot of the structural elements, but were able to leave some of the original lumber. They decided to replace their deck boards with composite decking: a material made out of PVC with a wood grain finish on top. This material will never rot, be destroyed by insects, or need to be painted or sealed, but still keeps in tune with the traditional feel of their home. They also purchased 12 new columns which we installed for them. We repaired parts of the railing that had been damaged, and had all columns and railings freshly painted.

New joists installed:


Structural elements being replaced, old columns removed, and about half of the composite decking has been laid:


You can see the difference between the composite deck boards (bottom) and the original painted wood deck boards (top). We had to replace the boards in two separate sections since our home owners still needed access to one of their front doors throughout the process.


Close up of the composite deck boards:

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A fish eye look at the completed wrap around veranda:


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