Living Room Built-Ins and Fireplace Surround


College Station, TX

Our clients, Jonathan & Amy, reached out to us about building some custom storage in their living room around their fireplace. Buck constructed two sets of lower cabinets on either side with a solid wood topper. They also wanted us to match the fireplace mantle & surround to their new cabinetry to make the built-ins match the fireplace.

Originally, the gas nozzle for the fireplace was hidden behind the left side of the fireplace surround. The left piece swung out where our new built-ins were going to be. However, because the built-ins would now be in the way of the door, Jonathan & Amy opted for a half door that swung in toward the fireplace. This allowed our built-ins to flow seamlessly into the fireplace surround, and to still allow easy access to the gas nozzle.

See before and after photos below!