Rental Suite Addition

Our client, Andrew, and his business partners, own a rental property. They had previously converted half of the garage into a bedroom, but it was very outdated, and not located near a bathroom. They first hired us to update the bedroom: we enlarged the closet, replaced the wood paneling & ceiling with drywall, installed new windows & exterior siding, painted, and replaced the carpet.

A few months later, they had us back to create an on-suite bathroom. The bedroom was currently located next to the laundry room, so we renovated that space to include a bathroom. This kept plumbing costs down and created a much more functional space. We first created a designated space for the washer & dryer, and gave the water heater it’s own designated closet.

We raised the floor under the shower to allow for plumbing drainage. Our client opted for this option since digging into the concrete foundation is significantly more expensive, and since this is a rental property, keeping overhead costs down was important. We installed a sleek, curved shower stall, and a new vanity with a granite counter top.

We installed a macerator system for the toilet, and a linen closet (with electric water heater access). A macerating toilet pumps the waste water up to the top of the waste line with an electric pump, as opposed to letting gravity pull the waste water through the line. It is then tied into the waste line of the other existing bathroom.  This is a great solution for bathroom additions as it avoids having to dig through the foundation to create a downward sloping waste line. This was another way we helped our clients keep overhead costs low so they could earn maximum return on their investment.

Andrew & his business partners now have a beautifully updated 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that immediately earns them more rental income each month and adds total value to their home.